Academic Society Leader Award​ 2022

Awarded for demonstrating Outstanding leadership in their role within an academic society.​

College of Business, Technology and Engineering​
Amelia Tuxford – BA Hon Business and Human Resource Management​

What they did​
“I have been blown away by the professionalism and dedication of members and the leadership provided by this student in particular. Initially, this student led the committee in agreeing roles and creating a set of values and aims for the society. They planned a variety of events, with something happening at least once month, to allow students to network with and learn from practicing professionals, including course alumni, local employers and members of the professional body. Their commitment to fundraise and to provide social events too is brilliant. They provide weekly updates and organise the committee exceptionally well. This society celebrates its 10th birthday in 2022! The nominated student hit on the idea of holding a celebration event to honour the founding academic and thank one of our supporters who has been a regular guest speaker since the beginning. Winning this award this year would be a fantastic way to recognise this student’s excellent leadership and mark this Society’s decade anniversary.​

This student has consistently been involved in leading the society having a number of committee roles. Finally becoming society lead in 21/22. They have already built on the fantastic legacy of the society; they coordinated social events, charity fund raisers, HR professional events and developed cross course communities by engaging students on all associated degrees to get involved during the CV19 Pandemic.”​

What was the Impact?​
“Thanks to the leadership of this student the society has been extremely effective. Students who are interested in a career in this field have benefitted from: a panel event, where different local professionals explained how they got into their roles and what they enjoy about their work; a local employer outlining​ the skills required for this career and how to make outstanding applications; a member of the professional body explaining how to best make use of the resources and support available; and professional networking opportunities via social events, such as a Christmas meal. The enhancement for these students’ employability is immeasurable and would not be possible without the hard work of the society’s leader. We’re also on our way to our target of raising £100 for the charity Student Minds. ​

They have made a huge impact by acting as a role model for younger students. They have used the society to develop a range of CIPD related events on leadership, development and practices. They have lead the committee to create a thriving Facebook community, they have used digital technologies to hold events when it was not possible to meet in bigger groups and worked hard with the professional body to coordinate a range of specialist extracurricular events. They have also worked with SHU academics to coordinate placement events and support students to get employability such as a round table event with Burberry.”​

How it inspired others​
“The activity of the network is used to support promotion of the related courses offered by SHU, during student recruitment. It has persuaded countless new students to consider a career in this field and enrol onto programmes of study within SHU. For many students having access to a professional network is not easily attainable, even when they have graduated. Having that network provided from the first year of studies, via this society, has levelled the playing field and raised aspirations of students wishing to enter this career. I am extremely proud to be associated with this society and feel that the leadership this student has provided in 2021-22 makes them very deserving of this award.​

The students who work on the society committee have really benefitted from this person taking a key role on leading them to develop a full range of events. New fresher students benefitted from this person taking time to engage with them and to learn from their experiences and to develop key skills.”​