Video from ‘Lab4Living and Beyond’ symposium workshop

Lab4Living researcher Helen Fisher has made a video documenting the LabLiving team’s Lego Serious Play workshop at the recent ‘Lab4Living and Beyond’ symposium, held in July 2019.

The video can be viewed here.

Lego Serious Play workshop

Lego Serious Play workshop

The half day event, organised by Lab4Living early career researchers and funded through Sheffield Hallam University’s Creating Knowledge (CK) fund, brought together over 25 participants from across the University and beyond. It showcased a range of projects and approaches from Lab4Living’s portfolio, which focusses on bringing a creative, design-led approach to research in health and wellbeing in a diverse range of contexts.

workshop participants

Workshop participants

Dr Remi Bec, one of the researchers who organised the event, said:

“It was great to see the wide range of people participating in the event. Whether they were from Health, Engineering, Bio-mechanics, and from within or outside the University, everyone engaged in the activities we facilitated.”

Lab4Living researcher Dr Gemma Wheeler said:

“We were really grateful for the CK funding for giving us a chance to meet such an interesting mix of researchers from across the university and beyond, and to flex our creative muscles in the process! It was great to start mapping out areas of shared interest, as well as opportunities for mutual growth and learning in potential future collaborations. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated so enthusiastically on the day!”

Combined with the presentation and network event that followed, the researchers found that participants seemed to develop a better understanding of design approaches and the benefits of thinking though making.

Thinking through making

Thinking through making

Participants gave good feedback, whether they were familiar with design or not, and the Lab4Living team was pleased to see that so many people were open to the idea of collaboration.

“It seems that the Creating Knowledge funding could enhance collaborations both within and outside Sheffield Hallam University.”

The event has provided the Lab4Living researchers with an opportunity to develop their skills. Four researchers from Lab4Living recently completed training in Lego Serious Play. Dr Remi Bec said:

“I was pleased to put into action the skills I learned as an official Lego Serious Play facilitator. This first hands-on activity made me feel more confident about using the method that I have since applied in other workshops.”

Lego Serious Play workshop

Lego Serious Play workshop

Helen Fisher, who produced the video, recently completed film and editing training with Raj Madaan at Madaan Mediacom video production and has produced a film promoting the Life Café kit.