Dr Ruth Deller explores why reality TV obsessed with the super-rich

‘It’s satisfying to learn the wealthy have problems’: why is reality TV obsessed with the super-rich? Reader in Media and Communication and the author of Reality Television: The TV Phenomenon That Changed the World, Dr Ruth Deller spoke to The Guardian about why reality TV often focuses on the super-rich. “Punching up rather than down is perhaps less problematic, especially […]

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Dr Ruth Deller: A review of 2020

Dr Ruth Deller, reader in media and communications spoke to BBC Radio Sheffield (listen again from 1.48.43) about the most successful TV shows of 2020. The interview discusses the important role TV played during the difficult year the nation faced. Top picks included the Netflix original The Crown, This Country, and Ghosts. Deller says the standout show of the year was […]

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