Researcher blog: Introducing Anna Santomauro

Cochineal insects are collected from a prickly pear cactus pad in the village of Ein Qinya outside of Ramallah in Palestine, on February 10, 2023. Photographed by Al-Wah’at Collective.

In the second of a series of blog posts introducing some newer members of research staff, we meet Anna Santomauro to find out about her new role, how she hopes to work with research staff, and some current projects.  Anna is a Senior Research Fellow in the Culture & Creativity Research Institute (CCRI) where her role is to create bridges […]

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Dr Becky Shaw Researcher Blog – Becky Shaw and Emma Bolland (PhD candidate and Fine Art Associate Lecturer) report on participation in the National Association of Fine Art Education (NAFAE) annual conference, and their paper on oHPo Radio

oHPo Radio

NAFAE explores and champions the changing terrain of fine art education in the UK. The focus of this years’ conference (May 29th) was Making Communities and Making with Communities, looking at the significance of community both within fine art education and in the communities that fine art education interacts with and builds. The day was intense and packed with really […]

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Joanne Lee contributes to BBC Radio 3’s ‘Between the Ears’

Joanne Lee, Course Leader for Graphic Design in the Department of Art and Design has contributed to BBC Radio 3 programme Between the Ears. Species of Spaces follows Huddersfield postman and writer Kevin Boniface as he goes about his daily rounds, recording the everyday things and places he encounters. The programme draws upon Lee’s research into the importance of paying […]

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Professors Virginia Heath and Paul Atkinson speak to Radio Sheffield about ‘Cigar Box Blues – The Makers of a Revolution’ documentary

2019-12-16 HEATH ATKINSON - Cigar Box Blues BBC (1)

Professors Virginia Heath and Paul Atkinson have been speaking to Rony Robinson on Radio Sheffield (at 38:00) about their documentary focused on the men who make and play their own cigar box guitars. Find out more, and read interviews with both Virginia and Paul, here. Paul Atkinson is Professor of Design and Design History in the Art and Design Research Centre […]

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Diane Rodgers Researcher Blog: Adventures in Folklore with the BBC!

About the Author Diane A. Rodgers is a Senior Lecturer in Media, Arts and Communications at Sheffield Hallam University and a C3RI PhD candidate conducting doctoral research relating to folklore and folk horror in ‘wyrd’ 1970s British Film and Television. On either side of the festive period, I was lucky to have a number of direct collaborations with the BBC in relation to […]

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Tuesday 24 May 2016 – Lunchtime seminar with Dr Suzanne Speidel (Film Studies, SHU)

A black-and-white image of people outside of a theatre with a sign saying 'Lux Radio Theatre'

Title: Lux Presents Hollywood – films on the radio during the ‘golden age’ of broadcasting Speaker: Dr Suzanne Speidel (Film Studies, SHU) Dr Suzanne Speidel is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. Her research interests include adaptation studies and contemporary American television. Her publications include articles and chapters in The Journal of Adaptation on Film and […]

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