Joanne Lee contributes to BBC Radio 3’s ‘Between the Ears’

Joanne Lee, Course Leader for Graphic Design in the Department of Art and Design has contributed to BBC Radio 3 programme Between the Ears.

Species of Spaces follows Huddersfield postman and writer Kevin Boniface as he goes about his daily rounds, recording the everyday things and places he encounters. The programme draws upon Lee’s research into the importance of paying attention to the everyday and uses the work of French writer Georges Perec as a guide to thinking about daily life.

The programme was broadcast on 13 February 2022 and further details can be found here.

Joanne has also just been awarded the title of Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education at University of the West of England. As a visiting scholar, she will be collaborating with the Visual Culture Research Group and contributing to the project Ways of Writing in Art and Design.