Cigar Box Blues: The Makers Of A Revolution’ is screening again on BBC4 at 12.30 pm on Friday 24th June

Still from the documentary Cigar Box Blues

The ‘Cigar Box Blues: The Makers Of A Revolution’ documentary, directed by Professor Virginia Heath and written by Professor Paul Atkinson is screening on BBC4 at 12.30 pm on Friday 24th June (technically 00.30 am on 25th), this will be the 5th screening of the film on BBC. The documentary will then be on BBC iPlayer for a month. _____________________________________________________________________ Directed by Virginia […]

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Patti Smith, From Scotland With Love and Pauper’s Dough by King Creosote

Professor Virginia Heath was honoured to recently discover that the legendary Patti Smith, who has always been a profound inspiration, chose ‘Pauper’s Dough’ by King Creosote from “the transcendent Documentary, From Scotland with Love”, as a song she would like to cover.  Patti received a thousand song suggestions from her Blog readers and two particularly struck her.   Patti writes in […]

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Esther Johnson’s Liberation Radio on air again in Hanoi

Vincent Strollo (left) and the American Deserters Committee, Stockholm, 196

Esther Johnson, Professor in Film and Media Arts has collaborated with historian and BBC broadcaster Matthew Sweet, and Hanoi-based sound artist Nhung Nguyễn, to create a new audio-visual installation titled Liberation Radio. Johnson viewed and selected from 400+ public domain archive films to edit the video element of the installation. Liberation Radio centres around the story of a group of American military deserters […]

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Virginia Heath’s ‘From Scotland With Love’ featured at OnFife Spring Festival

Virginia Heath’s ‘From Scotland With Love’ had a special online screening at the OnFife Spring Festival on Sunday 21st March. Heath’s ‘From Scotland With Love’, made entirely from Scottish archive footage, also fittingly features the Fife-based musician, King Creoscote. A short introduction to the screening about the film and filmmaking in Fife was later followed by an exclusive Q&A with […]

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Hallam Lecturer Peter Spence’s re-consideration of Antonioni’s L’Avventura published in Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies, [In]Transition

It is only in relatively recent years that it has come to light that the visionary Italian film-maker Michelangelo Antonioni commissioned and built a quite unique and extraordinary holiday villa – La Cupola – on the island of Sardinia. Working closely with the architect Dante Bini, who pioneered the Binishell dome system of building, Antonioni completed the villa in the early […]

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Anandi Ramamurthy Researcher blog on building audiences for Palestinian Films: The Love and Desire in Palestine programme

About the author Dr Anandi Ramamurthy is a Reader in Post-Colonial Cultures and Senior Lecturer in Media at Sheffield Hallam University. Her primary research interests are focused on critically analysing ‘race’ and postcoloniality in media and culture to challenge hegemonies and give voice to the voiceless. Dr Anandi Ramamurthy is currently conducting research on representations of Palestine. In this blog post, Dr Ramamurthy discusses […]

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SHU’s Walking Arts Research Group present ‘Solar’ and ‘Atom’ at documenta14 in Kassel on 22 June 2017

SOLAR: walking at the speed of light

Sheffield Hallam University’s Annie Watson and Jeremy Lee have been invited to present the Walking Arts Research Group’s Solar and Atom at documenta14 on 22 June 2017 in Kassel, Germany. Solar/Atom Interim, Kulturbahnhof der Kunsthochschule Kassel Germany 5PM – 6PM Find the full programme of events at documenta14 here. SOLAR is a collaborative arts and technology project which maps the […]

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