Researcher Blog by Professor Luigina Ciolfi: Presenting at ECSCW 2018

Professor Luigina Ciolfi at ECSCW2018 (Image courtesy of Luigina Ciolfi)

About the author

Luigina Ciolfi is Professor of Human Centred Computing in the Computing and Communication Research Centre (CCRC) within C3RI. Luigina’s research is located at the intersection of computing, social science and design in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and cultural heritage technologies.

Professor Luigina Ciolfi recently presented a paper written by herself and fellow Sheffield Hallam research Dr Eleanor Lockley on the challenges of designing technologies people use when managing work versus life activities at the ECSCW 2018 conference.

The 16th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2018) took place in Nancy (France) this June. ECSCW is a series of conferences held in Europe focusing on practice-centred computing and the design of cooperation technologies. The ECSCW conferences are single-track conferences that contribute to developing an interdisciplinary ECSCW community. The conference format aims to facilitate critical discussion across disciplinary and national borders in the field.ECSCW2018 (Image courtesy of Luigina Ciolfi)

At ECSCW 2018, Professor Luigina Ciolfi presented a paper written with Dr Eleanor Lockley “From Work to Life and Back Again: Examining the Digitally-Mediated Work/Life Practices of a Group of Knowledge Workers”.

The paper is based on Professor Ciolfi and Dr Lockley’s recent research funded by the EPSRC Balance Network looking at the challenges of designing technologies that people use when managing the blurring and/or separation of work and life activities.

ECSCW2018 (Image courtesy of Luigina Ciolfi)

The paper reported the results of an interview study with 26 participants based in Sheffield, which highlight the complexity of how people manage personal and professional boundaries in their daily lives. Digital technologies have an important role to enable people to put a strategy in practice, and are used in unique and personalized ways. The paper is published in the Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and is freely available to anyone.

The ECSCW 2018 conference programme featured interesting paper presentations from international researchers, a panel on the challenges of collaborative technology in the context of industry 2.0 and two keynotes. A particular highlight was the keynote presentation by Dr Antonio Casilli of Télécom Paris Tech on the hidden human work that enables AI algorithms to function effectively.

Professor Luigina Ciolfi at ECSCW2018 (Image courtesy of Luigina Ciolfi)

During the conference, the EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred onto Professor David Randall (University of Siegen), who was co-chair of ECSCW 2017 held at Sheffield Hallam University.

ECSCW 2019 will be held in June next year at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction of the University of Salzburg (Austria)

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