Wednesday 2nd October 2019 – Lunchtime Seminar with Ko-Le Chen (videographer/ethnographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Title: Making research fictions – taking a creative approach to ethnographic accounts in workplace studies Speaker: Ko-Le Chen (videographer/ethnographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne) Date and time: Wednesday 2nd October 2019, 1pm-2pm Hosted by: Professor Luigina Ciolfi (Sheffield Hallam University) Abstract In this seminar, Ko-Le will showcase some of her doctoral research on academic dissemination. Ko-Le took a feminist and practice-based approach to studying a […]

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Human-Computer Interactions in Museums by Eva Hornecker and Luigina Ciolfi

Luigina Ciolfi Human-Computer Interactions in Museums

Description Human-Computer Interactions in Museums covers key issues regarding the research and design of human-computer interactions (HCI) in museums. Through an on-site focus, the book examines how digital interactive technologies impact and shape galleries, exhibitions, and their visitors. “Human-Computer Interactions in Museums by Eva Hornecker and Luigina Ciolfi consolidates the body of work in HCI conducted in the heritage field and integrates it […]

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Wednesday 27 February 2019 – Lunchtime Seminar with Professor Anirudha Joshi (IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, India)

Title: Interaction design for emergent users – Leveraging digital technologies to solve problems of developing economies Speaker: Professor Anirudha Joshi (IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, India) Date and time: Wednesday 27 February 2019, 1pm-2pm Hosted by: Professor Luigina Ciolfi and Professor Andrew Dearden Abstract In HCI courses, we learn how to design products that deploy information and communication technologies (ICTs). […]

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“Users, participants, co-designers or just pesky humans? On the challenges of human centred research in Human-Computer Interaction” – Professor Luigina Ciolfi Inaugural Lecture – Wednesday 30 January 2019

A main aspiration of HCI is to be human- and user-centred in its approach to creating novel digital interactions. But how do we engage, involve and encourage end users to participate in HCI? The field has tackled this challenge in many ways. Notably, Participatory Design has been widely adopted in order for users and stakeholders to become active part of […]

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Researcher Blog by Professor Luigina Ciolfi: Presenting at ECSCW 2018

Professor Luigina Ciolfi at ECSCW2018 (Image courtesy of Luigina Ciolfi)

About the author Luigina Ciolfi is Professor of Human Centred Computing in the Computing and Communication Research Centre (CCRC) within C3RI. Luigina’s research is located at the intersection of computing, social science and design in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and cultural heritage technologies. Professor Luigina Ciolfi recently presented a paper written by herself and fellow Sheffield […]

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