‘Small is Beautiful’ – Penny McCarthy speaks with Janette Paris about radical print

2018-10 MCCARTHY Small is Beautiful Site Gallery

Discussions around the labour of love that is radical print

Small is Beautiful 
Saturday 13 October 2018, 1PM – 3PM
Site Gallery, Sheffield S1 2BS

Free to attend – Eventbrite booking here.

Small is Beautiful is a two part discussion event around the labour of love that is radical print. In the first part artist Penny McCarthy will talk to the artist Janette Paris about her celebrated Arch Comic – ‘Bringing art and life together’ since 2011 – and to Tony White about the ambitions and approaches of Piece of Paper Press, which over the years has seen contributions from artists, performance-makers and writers from Joanna Walsh to Michael Moorcock. In part two, Leigh Wilson chairs a discussion about passion, politics and innovation featuring a rich array of forces to be reckoned with in contemporary independent publishing, from Sheffield-based & Other Stories to Dostoyevsky Wannabe and Longbarrow Press. Both sessions will have lots of space for audience questions and discussion – so please get involved.

Penny McCarthy is a Reader in Fine Art in the Art and Design Research Centre (ADRC) at Sheffield Hallam University. Find out more about Penny’s work here.