Professor Paul Chamberlain delivers keynote at 21st International Seminar on Urban Form in Porto

Paul Chamberlain - Porto Keynote

The 21st International Seminar on Urban Form – ISUF2014, hosted by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, took place from 03 to 06 July 2014. Professor Paul Chamberlain delivered a keynote speech at the conference, and you can see a short clip here.

The theme of the conference was ‘Our common future in urban morphology’. It reflects the key role of environment in the debate on the physical form of cities. But it also evokes the need to identify what are the fundamental issues that should be placed on the agenda of urban morphology for the next years. Indeed, ‘Our common future in urban morphology’ must involve a careful reflection on what should be our contribution as urban morphologists, how it could be part of wider integrated research on cities, and how this could be applied in day-to-day practice. Ten themes will structure this reflection: urban morphological theory; urban morphological methods and techniques; the evolution of urban form, agents of change; revisiting urban morphological classics; teaching urban form; comparative studies of urban form; multi-disciplinary in urban morphology; integrated approaches; and, finally, the relations between research and practice.

Professor Paul Chamberlain is a Professor of Design, Co-Director of C3RI at Sheffield Hallam University, Head of the Art & Design Research Centre and Co-Director of Lab4Living.