‘Hard Engineering: Propositions for Future Ruins’ – Julie Westerman’s exhibition open at the Gulbenkian in Lisbon

Banner image for Hard Engineering exhibition, provided by Julie Westerman

Hard Engineering: Propositions for Future Ruins explores how the urban environment is produced by everyday acts and how the city is constructed from material and immaterial structures of civic organisation, representation, power and control. Six speculative guides to Lisbon re-imagine the contemporary urban environment by exploring overlooked livelihoods, traces of profound social mutation, and the scars of past natural disasters, economic crisis […]

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‘Hard Engineering: Propositions for Future Ruins’ – Exhibition in Lisbon curated by and featuring Julie Westerman’s work

Banner for Hard Engineering exhibition (with Julie Westerman), Lisbon

Immaterial structures and material products are invariably subject to physical decay and social decline – no matter how grandiose or technologically advanced they might be. This exhibition explores sites of urban development and transformation to consider how we navigate and repurpose the future ruins of our urban surroundings. Hard Engineering – Propositions for Future Ruins is an exhibition curated by […]

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Professor Paul Chamberlain delivers keynote at Design Thinking Symposium


Professor Paul Chamberlain will deliver a keynote at the Design Thinking Symposium which will be part of Design Week held at Marinha Grande in Portugal between 03 and 11 October 2014. The Symposium is a week dedicated to design and engineering that includes conferences and exhibitions, promoted by universities and industrial institutions. This event has the support of the Presidency […]

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