‘On the Radar’ research seminar series – #1: Spooky TV, Folklore, Folk horror and 1970s Wyrd: Generation Hexed! Wednesday 16th November

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Diane Rodgers is starting an informal series of research seminars ‘On the Radar’ as a means of sharing knowledge internally about research we are often presenting externally, but not otherwise having the opportunity to share with colleagues. The idea is to create another space to share projects across disciplines and departments and to put external work on our own internal #SHUradar and hopefully educate, intrigue and inspire one another!

Diane will be kicking off the series with her own presentation. If you have a talk you would like to present and would like to add your name to the list, please contact Diane Rodgers.

All are welcome – staff and students.

On the Radar


ON THE RADAR #1: GENERATION HEXED – Spooky TV, Folklore, Folk horror and 1970s Wyrd – Diane A. Rodgers (Media, Arts & Communications)

WEDS 16th NOV 2022  13:30-14:30  CANTOR 9235

Today’s spooky TV content continues to be haunted by the spectre of the1970s, a time when TV was bursting at the seams with weirdness, eeriness, supernatural folklore and contemporary legend. This presentation considers why supernatural folklore was so prevalent in 1970s media and how it has been represented on screen.  Using Children of the Stones (“the scariest programme ever made for children”) as an example, this talk examines the impact such programming continues to have upon generations of audiences far beyond the reach of television itself.

Diane is a senior lecturer on the media team in MAC, co-lead of the Cultural Heritage research Group in CCMS and co-founder of the Centre for Contemporary Legend Research Group, and is currently in the final stages of completing her PhD ‘Wyrd TV: Folklore, Folk Horror and Hauntology in British Television’.