‘On the Radar’ research seminar series – #1: Spooky TV, Folklore, Folk horror and 1970s Wyrd: Generation Hexed! Wednesday 16th November

On the Radar banner

Diane Rodgers is starting an informal series of research seminars ‘On the Radar’ as a means of sharing knowledge internally about research we are often presenting externally, but not otherwise having the opportunity to share with colleagues. The idea is to create another space to share projects across disciplines and departments and to put external work on our own internal […]

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Diane Rodgers to speak at the Abbeydale Picture House Halloween screening event

Co-founder of The Centre for Contemporary Legend research group, Diane Rodgers, has been asked to speak at the Abbeydale Picture House for an upcoming Halloween screening event. The Abbeydale Picture House is screening all three of the most well-known ‘classic’ folk horror films from the 1970s, known as the ‘unholy trinity’ on Halloween next month. Further information on the event […]

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Diane A. Rodgers brings us Perspectives on Contemporary Legend: reflections on an international contemporary legend conference

For the week of Monday 28 June – Friday 2nd July 2021, I was in virtual attendance at Perspectives on Contemporary Legend, the 38th International conference of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, postponed due to coronavirus restrictions and necessarily shifted online. Over the course of my PhD, I have presented work at a vast array of conferences, including […]

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Researcher Blog by Diane Rodgers: ‘Wyrd’ British television of the 1970s

Diane A Rodgers, Folk Horror presentation (crop), 2017

About the author Diane Rodgers is a Senior Lecturer in Media at Sheffield Hallam University specialising in alternative and cult film, television, music and comics.  Diane is also a doctoral student in C3RI where her research examines folklore in ‘wyrd’ 1970s British Film and Television folk-horror. This work will also feature as a chapter in the forthcoming book Yuletide Terror, to […]

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