Park Hill Plinths – Professor Keith Wilson’s new Park Hill sculptures to launch on 30 September 2017

Composite image of S1 Artspace logo and Park Hill Plinths image by India Hobson

[Photograph by India Hobson]

Sheffield Hallam University Professor of Sculpture Keith Wilson will be unveiling his latest artworks as the initial commissioned and permanent work at S1 Artspace‘s Sculpture Park Hill at a special event inaugurating the second phase of S1’s Park Hill launch on 30 September 2017.

The Park Hill Plinths are a series of five disc-shaped concrete plinths located around the 3.5 acre Park Hill site.

Park Hill Plinths (Phase II at Park Hill)
S1 Artspace former garage block
Sheffield S2 5QX
Saturday 30 September 2017
3PM – 6PM
Free to attend, all welcome. Suitable footwear recommended.

This event profiles Sculpture Park Hill as part of S1 Artspace’s second phase on the Park Hill estate and provides an opportunity to view our new temporary premises part way through their renovation. The former garage block that sits in the heart of the Park Hill estate – Europe’s largest listed structure – is currently being transformed to become S1’s new public gallery and artist studios, which will officially open in late 2017.

Presenting artist Keith Wilson’s Park Hill Plinths as the initial and only permanent work in a finally established landscape, this event marks the beginning of a future public programme at Sculpture Park Hill. Commissioned by Urban Splash, the concrete discs are a collaboration between artist Keith Wilson and landscape architect Tim Osborne Studio to create a new footprint for sculpture in Sheffield.

An informal exhibition of Wilson’s studio works, alongside archival film and photographs showing the changing nature of the interior landscape at Park Hill will be presented across S1’s new premises. Looking at the site’s historical transformation, we hope to start a conversation about the future of the sculpture park and our further ambitions at Park Hill.

Starting at 3.30PM, talks and tours will be held in the garage by: S1’s director Louise Hutchinson about the organisation’s future plans, introducing the second phase at Park Hill; artist Keith Wilson about the development and intentions of Park Hill Plinths; and Urban Splash’s Regeneration Director Mark Latham about the collaboration with Wilson and their ambitions for the Park Hill site.
S1 Artspace

You can hear BBC Radio Sheffield’s interview with Keith Wilson on Kat Cowan’s show here (listen from 1hr:11 mins) and see coverage of the opening event on Sheffield Live here.


Keith Wilson is a Professor of Sculpture and researcher at the Art and Design Research Centre (ADRC) at Sheffield Hallam University.