Researcher Blog by PhD Candidate Tim Machin: A Grand Experiment in the Accumulative Production of Cultural and Civic Meaning

About the author Tim Machin is the Gallery Manager for the Sheffield Institute of Arts. He is also a doctoral student in C3RI, researching the impact and possibilities of the Park Hill sculpture garden, in partnership with S1 Artspace. He is supervised by Dr Becky Shaw and Andrew Sneddon. Here Tim reflects on the distinctive Park Hill development and its cultural […]

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Researcher Blog by PhD Candidate Smizz: World As Medium: A Space For Space

S1 Artspace, Smizz (2018) [cropped]

About the author Sarah Smith, aka Smizz, is a doctoral student in the Art & Design Research Centre (ADRC) and holds degrees in both Fine Art and Radiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University.  Smizz is pursuing interdisciplinary research into how creative art practices can help inform patients going through radiotherapy treatment. Smizz’s supervisors are Dr Becky Shaw and Dr Claire Craig. In 2016 Smizz was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s PhD […]

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Park Hill Plinths – Professor Keith Wilson’s new Park Hill sculptures to launch on 30 September 2017

Composite image of S1 Artspace logo and Park Hill Plinths image by India Hobson

[Photograph by India Hobson] Sheffield Hallam University Professor of Sculpture Keith Wilson will be unveiling his latest artworks as the initial commissioned and permanent work at S1 Artspace‘s Sculpture Park Hill at a special event inaugurating the second phase of S1’s Park Hill launch on 30 September 2017. The Park Hill Plinths are a series of five disc-shaped concrete plinths […]

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