Dr Esther Johnson’s film ‘Hinterland’ selected for exhibition at Hull’s new Humber Street Gallery

Still from Esther Johnson's 'Hinterland'

Hinterland, Dr Esther Johnson‘s 16mm artist film has been selected for an exhibition opening in April 2017, curated by Film and Video Umbrella for Hull’s new Humber Street Gallery.

Focusing on an East Yorkshire community which live on the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, Hinterland asks how it feels to live in such a precarious situation with homes fatally threatened by the elements.

The narratives of three Skipsea residents are explored. Charlie believes he has fifteen years until the land on which his house stands falls into the sea; Saffron speaks of how she always has a backpack ready to make a swift escape; and Peter recalls how far out the land reached in WWII, when he was a young man.

Dr Esther Johnson (MA, Royal College of Art) is an artist and filmmaker working at the intersection of artist moving image and documentary portraiture. You can see more of her work here. She is a Reader in Media Arts at Sheffield Hallam University.