Professor Esther Johnson’s ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Retreating the Line’ screen at immersive film/music event Shifting Sands in Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults

Shifting Sands screenings - Esther Johnson (stills from Retreating the Line/Hinterland)

Hinterland and Retreating the Line screen at immersive film/music event Shifting Sands in Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults Professor Esther Johnson’s artist film works Hinterland and Film and Video Umbrella and Hull City of Culture 2017 commission Retreating the Line both screen this Friday 17 January 2020 7PM – 9PM at Shifting Sands taking place at: Scarborough Market Hall and […]

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‘Wilderness’: Professor Esther Johnson exhibiting ‘Hinterland’ at the New Art Gallery, Walsall – Opens with preview on 01 February 2018

Composite image of two stills from Esther Johnson's Hinterland (2002)

Professor Esther Johnson, Professor of Film and Media Arts at Sheffield Hallam University, will be exhibiting work as part of a new exhibition entitled Wilderness at The New Art Gallery opening in Walsall with a preview on Thursday 01 February 2018. As part of a season of exhibitions exploring the theme of wilderness, The New Art Gallery Walsall is delighted to present paintings, drawings, photographs […]

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‘Time and Tide’: Professor Esther Johnson to introduce and screen ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Retreating the Line’ at University of Plymouth

Still from Retreating the Line by Esther Johnson

Update – 25 October 2017 Retreating the Line has been selected by Ali Smith, current Man Booker Prize shortlister, for the Swedenborg Film Festival. The festival invited entries from the latest emerging and established talent of experimental and artist film, exploring the theme of ‘dreams’. The winner will be announced at Swedenborg Hall, London on 18 November 2017. See here […]

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‘COM ∩∪ TIES’ – Exhibition in Brussels features work by Professor Esther Johnson – Opening 22 September

Still from Professor Esther Johnson's 'Hinterland', and Com Nu Ties logo (from Argos/ISELP)

Two Brussels institutions, Argos and ISELP, have teamed-up to organise a large-scale exhibition on the theme of what community means in the modern day, what thresholds must be crossed and how we define ‘community’. Professor of Film & Media Arts Esther Johnson will feature in this dual exhibition contemplating the implicit complexity of the theme of community, defined by four […]

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Dr Esther Johnson’s film ‘Hinterland’ selected for exhibition at Hull’s new Humber Street Gallery

Still from Esther Johnson's 'Hinterland'

Hinterland, Dr Esther Johnson‘s 16mm artist film has been selected for an exhibition opening in April 2017, curated by Film and Video Umbrella for Hull’s new Humber Street Gallery. Focusing on an East Yorkshire community which live on the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, Hinterland asks how it feels to live in such a precarious situation with homes fatally threatened […]

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