Design Council features David Swann and Kieran McDonald’s Decarbonised Double-Diamond model

Decarbonised Double Diamond model developed by David Swann & Kieran McDonald

The Decarbonised Double-Diamond model, developed by David Swann and Kieran McDonald, was recently selected, credited and featured in a Design Council YouTube short celebrating 20-years of the Double Diamond. The Double Diamond is a visual representation of the design and innovation process popularised by the Design Council.

The modified Double-Diamond was an outcome of an AHRC-funded project aiming to develop a framework that initiated carbon action at the planning stage, and proactively decarbonising the design and delivery of teaching and learning experiences, research study design, and new product development programming. It provides a conversation starter for course leaders, module teams, researchers and practitioners.

The draft carbon agency and action guides for educators, researchers and practitioners are available here: Decarbonising the Double Diamond DRAFT guidelines

Related papers:

McDonald, K. (2022). Net-Zero Design Education. Transition to “Better States” in Understanding Carbon and the Design ProcessDiid — Disegno Industriale Industrial Design, (78), 10.


Screenshot from the Design Council's short celebrating 20 years of the Double Diamond

Screenshot from the Design Council’s short celebrating 20 years of the Double Diamond