David Clarke features in HistoryExtra podcast discussing the history of UFOs

David Clarke featured on a recent HistoryExtra podcast to discuss the history of UFOs. In the podcast, David explored how recent interest in UFOs fits into the longer history of our fascination with visitors from above, and what society’s shifting view of aliens tells us about the cultural and political currents of the 20th and 21st centuries.

For more information and to listen to the podcast, please visit the HistoryExtra website here (the section of the podcast featuring David’s discussion is the ‘UFO sightings: an otherworldly history’ episode).

Associate Professor David Clarke is one of the UK’s leading authorities on contemporary legend and folklore. He is a co-founder of the Contemporary Legend research group at SHU and combines his interests in folklore with his teaching and research in journalism and media law. He is an experienced broadcaster and has acted as a consultant for The National Archives and the BBC.