Dr Jodie Clark in conversation with Paul Hazzard on Teachers Talk Radio

Dr Jodie Clark, a Senior Lecturer in English Language at Sheffield Hallam University, shares her tested strategies to help teachers overcome their sense of imposter syndrome around grammar. Her conversation with host Paul Hazzard includes grammar shaming, linguistic intuition (and how to access it), the relationship between grammar and writing, and the different ways that grammar has been defined and […]

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Inclusive Hallam: A podcast on Imposterism with Associate Professor Dr Laura Kilby

Inclusive Hallam - A podcast on Imposterism with picture of Associate Professor Dr Laura Kilby

Inclusive Hallam: listen to a podcast on imposterism The latest discussion in the Inclusive Hallam event series was about imposterism. Associate Professor Dr Laura Kilby discussed what imposterism is, what causes it and how organisations can support colleagues who may be affected by it. Listen to the short podcast online. Dr Laura Kilby is Associate Professor of Social Psychology and […]

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JOURNALISM: Hallam academics launch freelancing podcast

Journalism lecturers, Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson, have secured more than 5,250 downloads of their Freelancing for Journalists podcast since launching in early March. It was intended as an internal student learning resource but now has an international following, with listeners from 50 countries worldwide. Read more in journalism.co.uk, Press Gazette and Journo Resources.

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Podcast: Dr Clarke vs The Flying Saucers

Talking History with British Online Archives

Dr David Clarke, Principal Research Fellow in Journalism has been speaking with Jim Chisem for his podcast Talking History. The pair discussed David’s work as curator of The National Archives UFO Project, the history of the UFO phenomenon, and folklore in technological societies. Listen to the podcast here.     Image from Talking History at British Online Archives

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