Paul Chamberlain and Claire Craig in Luxembourg reporting on the first year of their European project NESTORE

Image of a woman holding a map from an "exhibition-in-a-box". Image courtesy of NESTORE project's Professor Paul Chamberlain. With NESTORE and EC logos.

Professor Paul Chamberlain and Dr Claire Craig are responsible for leading the co-design in the development of a digital companion – NESTORE (Non-intrusive Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activity) – who, like the mythological Nestor, can give advice to older people so that they can maintain their wellbeing and independence at home.

Paul Chamberlain and Claire Craig reporting on the first year of NESTORE at the European Commission (Luxembourg)

Read more about NESTORE’s co-creation methodology here and their use of Lab4Living’s “exhibition-in-a-box” co-design methodology here. You can also find out more about NESTORE’s ‘expert by experience’ and co-creation group meetings in Sheffield here and here.

Professor Paul Chamberlain is a Professor of Design, Co-Director of C3RI at Sheffield Hallam University, Head of the Art & Design Research Centre and Co-Director of Lab4Living.

Claire Craig is Reader in Design and Creative Practice in Health in the Art & Design Research Centre (ADRC) and Co-Director of the interdisciplinary research group Lab4Living. Claire’s research focusses on the role of creative practices in improving quality of life and well-being for people living with dementia.