Inspirational Alumni Award​ 2022

Awarded for their continuing support for the university and impact as alumni .

College of Business, Technology and Engineering​
Megan Flint – PhD SBS​

What they did​
“This student has undertaken the entire SHU journey.  They began studying with us as an undergraduate, studied for a MSc with us before securing a GTA PCR position with us and is thus now contributing to the teaching, learning and assessment of our students.  This students is a committed Hallam advocate and has overcome personal health issues throughout the duration of their studies.”​

What was the Impact?​
“The student has a positive impact applying a can-do and committed attitude to everything they do.  This person is an advocate for our staff team and for the SHU-food experience.  They are open to making a contribution and driven and motivated to succeed for themselves and the group more widely.”

How it inspired others​
“This person has shown resilience, dedication and passion for everything they do.  Their ability to ‘give back’ now as a GTA allows other students to benefit from their reflections on the SHU-journey they have taken.  The positivity and team spirit demonstrated has been consistent and is such a pleasure to be around.”

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences​
Chidimma Sunmineshine Chinweze – MSc Biomedical Sciences​

What they did:
“I will start by telling a story of how this individual impacted me and African community at large.​ I remember on this day when this individual saw how the new students from African community where struggling to fit in a new environment, they collect our numbers, followed up on us. Making sure we are not left behind. This individual introduced us to African community which really helped with our stay in UK. This individual encourages us to showcase our beautiful African reach cultures and stay by us anytime the needs arises. This individual became our voice.”​

What was the impact?​
“When I finished my masters at Sheffield Hallam university. I was set to go back home to Nigeria and continue my African food business. This individual encouraged me to apply for Entrepreneur visa and continue with my passion to reach my potentials. Which really help me today to continue to showcase our beautiful African foods, hairs and wears in United Kingdom. This individual believe in me first, before I believe in my self. This individual is a great inspiration to me and African community at large.”​

How it inspired others​
“We at African community are all looking up on this individual, this individual is an inspiration to us all as this individual has set a trend we are all following for a better life here in United Kingdom. We are not fall from home. We are all home because of this individual.”

College of Social Sciences and Arts​
Megan Caskie-Hefferman – BA Hon Education Studies​

What they did:​
“The ex-student has come back to the department and is supporting us to support other students on the course. This student’s main role is to support two students, one who has a hearing impairment – they need transcripts of online learning updating to make sense, and the other student who has a visual impairment – they need resources collating and sending to digital services to be made into Braille. On top of these duties the ex-student has supported staff in a number of ways, from getting involved in helping to run seminars and IT sessions, to supporting students to learn together in the classroom whilst their tutor teaches remotely. They have also been proactive in finding out what the first years on the course are struggling with and setting up additional support sessions around referencing, mental health and time management. The first-year students have given this ex-student exceptional feedback for these additional sessions saying that they really relate to them as they have only just finished the course. Finally, this ex-student volunteered to be part of a focus group to help us in our development of the course, providing valuable feedback.”​

What was the impact:​
“The help and support provided by this person has been invaluable and our line manager has secured her for next year as well. They have made the learning for the two students with learning contracts much smoother where the Disabled Student Allowance process has had delays or hasn’t met needs. The current students really relate to this person as they have only just finished the course and so they set the students at ease and are able to give hints and tips about their learning with more authority and relatability than staff members often can. They have also helped to build students’ academic skills whilst supporting healthy study regimes and techniques.”

How it inspired others:​
I believe this person has inspired our first-year students by showing them what they can achieve with the degree and how they can go on to support other people. They have also helped them to see that although their first year may be a massive chance and a hard transition, with the right attitude and techniques they can flourish.”