Entrepreneurship Award ​2022

Awarded for demonstrating outstanding enterprise and/or entrepreneurial activity. ​

College of Business, Technology and Engineering​
Rebecca Malkin – BA Hon Business and Enterprise Management ​

What they did​
“The student started their own small sustainable swimwear company which makes swimwear in the UK from recycled nylon wastes like fishing nets and recycled ocean plastic in June whilst finishing their placement year. ​

They set up the business during lockdown while completing their year placement and has since gone on to secure Hallam and Santander funding, becoming a finalist in the Hallam enterprises 2021 awards.”​

What was the Impact?​
“A very successful venture, all done whilst studying at the same time. Through hard work and dedication, the student has already made back just over half of their initial investment and sold 20% of their stock in pre-orders alone.  They initially started selling just to the UK but demand from customers led them to extend this to the USA and Europe.”​

How it inspired others​
This inspired others to think about what they can do if they set their mind to it. The student set up their business while running a baking blog, working full time on their placement and completing their placement university work. They are a great role model to others when showing how determination can help you achieve any goals you set for yourself. As a result, a case study was written about them and shared to Hallam’s LinkedIn and Website. ​

The student’s also inspired others by delivering a guest talk to local Sixth Form School pupils at the Hallam i-lab about their experience of setting up a business.  They have also been asked to talk in a number of lectures and seminars giving top tips in setting up a business alongside various other commitments.”

College of Social Sciences and Arts​
Hollie Quanbrough – BA Hon Fashion Management and Communication​

What they did:​
“The student is currently on the Work For Yourself Placement Scheme run by the Enterprise Team. They set up their business during the placement year and has been gaining several clients within a short amount of time. The student was very active in learning, and putting theories into practice and excelling in what they do. The student also supported their peers and give them a lot of support, tips and advice to progress on the Enterprise – Work For Yourself Placement.”​

What was the impact:​
“The student has been making consistent sales during the first six months of being on the programme. They have been sharing their knowledge, advice and support.”​

How it inspired others:​
“The student has been working really hard in setting up their own freelance work in a challenging situation (pandemic). They also provided support to their peers despite suffering from chronic illness. Their hard work, organisation skills and commitment should be recognised and should be inspiring to others.”