Collaboration Award​ 2022

Awarded for their contribution to the Sheffield Hallam Community by working collaboratively, showing compassion, support, and/or kindness to fellow students and/or SHU community members.  ​

College of Business, Technology and Engineering​
Aoife Tough – BA Hon Business and Human Resource Management

What they did​
“They work collaboratively as a student ambassador for BTE. They represent the university at core open days and events. They have spoken to wide audiences about their SHU experiences which has a massive impact on students who are thinking about joining SHU. They have worked tirelessly as a member of the HR network encouraging students to engage in Extracurricular activities and attend inductions to support academic to help engage students on our course. They do this to great effect and really showcase how far one can go in and beyond SHU. They are warm effusive and very good at presenting what SHU can do for you!”​

What was the Impact?​
“Their impact is great – they have really engaged in the support of new and first year students. They are honest open and supportive to those who are nervous when they join our big world, This person takes time to showcase the activities that have helped establish them as a leader. They showcase wider SHU activities such as Venture Matrix, Societies, Careers Services and most important being an AMBASSADOR – this means they positively have all the SHU grad attributes! they are truly vocal about getting out and doing stuff beyond the course. This has not only helped new students – it has helped their peers – who without their constant presentation and presence would perhaps still be sat in their digs!”

How it inspired others
“They are very engaging when discussing what to get involved in at SHU. They have experience in a wide range of SHU activities and really market how these have helped build their own confidence and competencies. This person is a good student to have at any recruitment event for SHU courses. It makes me so proud to see this person shine and showcase to parents and future students what SHU can do for them! They are an exemplar in getting engaged and showcasing how this has helped in their overall student experience. They are a true leader!”

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences​
Molly Grove – BSc Hons Diagnostic Radiography​

What they did:​
The nominee is a brilliant student and incredibly supportive of  peers on placement, acts as a helper to the placement staff and is happy to plan and organise student activities and this has been fed back to me.  The nominee sensitively raised a potential issue with a fellow student who was reluctant to seek help, I could then arrange an informal meeting and the issues were solved​

What was the impact?​
“The placement team feel that they share goals with the students headed by this nominee.  Any students who need additional support can then be assisted early before impacting their training and others start to notice. “​

How it inspired others​
“Other students and placement staff felt inspired by the nominees example to be supportive of one another, and to allow students a degree of autonomy with their rotas and learning plans.  The placement experience for students has been greatly improved at this particular hospital in recent years, and this is in part due to the team vision and efforts of people like this nominee.”​

College of Social Sciences and Arts​
Nicole Davenport – BSc Hon Psychology​

What they did:​
“They are always willing to take time out of their own schedule to help others. Not only are they in their final year completing their own degree, to a high standard, they are also taking time out to help those in need. They currently act as a mentor for level four students, helping them with all aspects of their university life from writing style to personal lives! They are also a student researcher at SHU taking part in extra research on top of their dissertation, this will help other students in the future.

On top of this, after a week of university they then spend their Saturday night, not going out or socialising, but acting as a Samaritan on their helpline, answering calls from 11-3am. I think this is a really valuable project to be a part of, not only helping potential Hallam students but also the wider community. All of this is whilst she also works part-time in a care home for those with Physical Disabilities in South Yorkshire.​

I honestly don’t know how they do it all and personally think its fantastic.”

What was the impact:​
“They are helping a wide range of individuals with a number of problems, on a voluntary basis. They have the ability to help individuals who are struggling, with the compassion and care that would not normally be expected of a University student.​
Giving up their own time to help younger students adjust to university life has left them feeling more secure at university and also more comfortable is also something to be commended and helps younger students adapt much quicker. I can’t comment much on the Samaritans work as I don’t know the fine details, but I imagine being a fully trained phone operative has enabled the student to develop their communication skills in a way which is beneficial to those on the other end of the phone who call when they are in most need.”​

How it inspired others:​
“They have inspired others on their course with their tremendous work ethic and general level of compassion, with the research and internships helping to settle in the next generation of Hallam students. Passing on their knowledge and experiences can only be positive, younger students seeing their general demeanour and work ethic must be inspiring. The Samaritans work can inspire other students, especially those who have interests in psychology, to take on more voluntary work to not only boost their own CV in areas they may want to work in the future, but also within South Yorkshire, allowing the Samaritans to reach more people in need.”