​Inclusive Community Award  2022

Awarded for enabling and championing inclusivity and diversity, and/or contributing to campaigns for social justice

College of Business, Technology and Engineering​
Philippa Mills – MSc International Business Management ​

What they did​
“The student did the bachelor (i.e. International Business Honours) with me, and currently doing MSc in International Business Management. I taught this student in two modules during the Bachelor degree and 1 module in Sept 2021 at the PG level. I found the student always rendering assistance in the class. At the PG level, we have a large number of international students. We often noticed that the student was helping those international students to understand many things that are new to them. In addition, those peer-supports were not limited to the class. The student also helped them with a lot of information so that they can easily get settled here in Sheffield. I also found the student discussing the assignment with others, although it is an individual assignment. The student also shared the notes they made during the seminar class. It shows a high level of caring responsibility when someone is in need.”​

What was the Impact?​
“Other students (i.e. mostly international students) got huge benefits from the student, in terms of understanding the rules and regulations of the university. The student was also very proactive in doing class activities and often influence others to talk and engage in a dialogue. The student influenced other students in the class to come out from a comfort zone and participate in debates, eventually breaking the ice as peer-support is an amazing form of learning via social interactions. ​

In addition, I received good words from other students regarding the help and assistance they got from the nominated student. Other students also shared that the nominated student is a very well behaved student and soft-spoken.”

How it inspired others​
“Following this student, I noticed other students are participating in dialogue, mostly international students who hesitate to talk or feel shy. In addition, the nominated student inspires other students to take responsibility for their work (i.e. assignment) by encouraging them to discuss that with the seminar tutor during the class.”

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences​
Yosh Kosminsky – BSc Hons Occupational Therapy​

What they did:​
“This student has always been a champion of  social justice and inclusivity.  When this student was a course rep they worked collaboratively with their fellow students and academic members of staff to resolve issues including reported incidents of  discrimination in learning spaces and student specific issues.  They always did this in a respectful way and worked collaboratively with academic staff.  This student has worked closely with the EDI Lead in AHP on many issues and has volunteered their own time and energy to contribute to conferences, projects and other work to  raise awareness of racial inequity and anti racism.  This student set up an LGBTQ+ student group in the department.  They have done this despite having their own health issues.  They always speak up on behalf of others and raised issues that promote equity, inclusivity and anti-discrimination.  They challenged me as a course leader to address discriminatory practice.”​

What was the impact?​
“The impact they made was  college wide which has contributed to university wide action such as the Equity Accomplice programme.  They had meetings with key members of staff which led to thinking of how some of the issues raised could be addressed.  They are a fantastic asset to the department and their contributions have been greatly valued in the college.  Their contributions are always thoughtful and insightful and their suggestions are valued in enabling better inclusivity in the College.”​

How it inspired others​
“By challenging other staff and students to critically examine what we do and constantly be striving for inclusive and equitable principles in our teaching, interactions and behaviours.”​

College of Social Sciences and Arts​
Fozia Sultana – LLB Hon Law with Criminology​

What they did:​
This student is the co-chair of Manifest Diversity – our student steering group for students who identify as being from African, Asian or other minoritised heritage.​

This student is a shining example of championing inclusivity and diversity and working to make a real difference in their community to ensure social change. This student has set up a podcast show to interview staff of the university about their work and research that aligns with social justice. The student is also in the process of setting up a food bank to support her local community. This is on top of being an engaged and dedicated student in their classes and lectures.”​

What was the impact:​
“They have been involved in interviews for student leaders and graduate interns and central to our soon to be released WordPress site which will give others a voice and provide regular newsletters and podcasts to all at SHU. They are the co-chair of the group so heavily involved in planning, talking to their peers and informing what we do next.​

Raising awareness of social justice issues including inclusivity and diversity and working to address food poverty in the local area.”​

How it inspired others:​
“Many students have commented on how friendly and approachable this student is, willing to listen to others and ensure those views are incorporated into planning next steps.​

The podcast is in its early stages but will be available for the wider student body shortly, similarly with the food bank the student is still in the planning stages but once launched this project will have a big impact on their local community.”