You are invited to submit abstracts for the following event, designed and led by PhD researchers in the Art and Design Research Centre, C3Ri.

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Visibility within practice-based research and artistic practice is an emergent discourse. It is central to the shaping of political, ethical and socio-economic concerns, in culture and within the subcultures it informs. Visibility within practice-based research can expose and question visual hierarchies, authority, authorship, the politics of technology, balances of power and representation or prompt dissent. Here, visibility is a concept that we have adapted and extended from the philosophies of Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze, where it shifts from a quality; of visibility, to an entity; the visibility. The concept of visibility generates a dual arrangement: of what can be seen operating with what cannot be seen. Our understanding of visibility provides a broad contemporary framework founded in the histories of post-colonialism and feminism.

We will examine the many dialogues which incorporate themes of visibility within art, visual methods and participatory practices to prompt a discussion between multiple disciplines. Artwork or visual methods that incorporate documentation expand the making process into one that involves broader considerations, such as gaining access, subject matter, permissions, negotiating authorship, representation and use of technology or technique. This dynamic theme will enable new perspectives on the conditions of practice based and visual research.

We welcome responses to questions which might consider:

  • Who or what is made visible, and what remains invisible?
  • How do perceptions of visibility affect power dynamics?
  • What is hidden within practice-based artistic research, and other forms of research?
  • How are the politics of representation examined through visibility within arts practice?
  • How does visibility broaden considerations of context and approach within practice-based research?

The visibility conference offers an opportunity for presenting and reflecting upon these themes and we invite proposals for presentations and papers. We especially encourage the participation of current PhD researchers at SHU, from diverse disciplines.

All proposals should include your name, presentation or paper title and no more than 300 words outlining your approach. Please submit images and / or links to work if relevant to your proposal. We are aiming to select proposals which work together to animate a broad, rich and divergent discussion which explores the outlined themes.

All the presentations / papers will be 15-20 minutes, followed by a group of smaller 30 minute workshops offering a focussed discussion on evolving thematics.

In the evening we would like to invite you to a Post Truth film screening and drinks to launch the new studio space as part of the ADRC PhD Programme at S1 Artspace, Sheffield.

Deadline for submissions:

20th Feb 2017 by midnight, with feedback and acknowledgement of acceptance by 27th Feb 2017.

Please send your abstracts as PDF or word documents to:

Conference Date: Friday 31st March 2017

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