Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Lunchtime Seminar with Márjory Da Costa-Abreu (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science)

Title: Magic/Mystic (Machine) Learning – “Every little thing she does is magic”
Speaker: Márjory Da Costa-Abreu (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science)
Date and time: Wednesday 18th March 2020, 1pm-2pm

‘Machine learning’ (ML) is a name we hear everywhere these days. It is basically related to the use of mathematical and/or statistical techniques that perform classification or clustering of any data. Despite the fact that we think its use is well established and understood, ML holds quite a lot of open problems that still need attention, specially now, with the “Smart-anything” revolution as well as the wide-spread use of black boxes for prediction. In fact, some of the “closed” problems are not so closed as we think! In this talk, Márjory will explore the main ML open problems that are related with engineering, computer science and social aspects and discuss possible opportunities of research in this area.

Marjory is currently a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Sheffield Hallam University. Previously, she was a Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at UFRN/BR. She works with Machine Learning and Image/Signal processing applied to several different areas, ranging from biometrics, identity prediction, analysis of medieval handwriting, medical diagnosis, mining on judicial documents, user behaviour in social media, amongst others.She is an Associate Editor of the IET Biometrics Journal, is a member of the Special Board for Security of the Brazilian Computer Society, and is a Brazilian accredited evaluator for Computer Science degrees from the Minister of Education/INEP. She has won the Newton Research Collaboration Programme Award and she has strong collaborations with the University of Kent (UK), the University of York (UK), and UFRN (BR).


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