CANCELLED: Wednesday 01 April 2020 – Lunchtime Seminar with Dr Danilo Giglitto (Postdoctoral researcher in C3RI)



Title: CultureLabs: Recipes for Social innovation
Speaker: Dr Danilo Giglitto (Postdoctoral Researcher)

The H2020 project CultureLabs focuses on the role that culture and heritage can play to facilitate social inclusion, particularly via the participation of migrant and refugees communities. CultureLabs is developing an ICT-empowered infrastructure for systematizing and facilitating the organisation and wider deployment of participatory projects with community of migrants or refugees through the provision of specialised toolkits under the form of ingredients and recipes.

CultureLabs will comprise a rich variety of resources, including – among others – guidelines, methodologies, past community engagement projects, and collaborative workspaces. The infrastructure is addressed to both institutional stakeholders and members of the aforementioned communities to make use of existing and/or commonly created resources, according to their missions, needs and intended target groups. The goal is to carry out tailor-made participatory engagement projects (from crowdsourcing and co-creation workshops to community-led exhibitions and dialogue programmes) to address the needs of different target audiences.

CultureLabs seeks to combine cultural services with traditional or innovative services offered in fields other than cultural heritage (e.g. social, care or educational services). Case studies led by cultural institutions in Finland, Italy and the UK will be pilot projects through which our methodology and technology will be developed and tested.

The talk will focus on presenting an overview of the project, together with the main findings gathered via several research activities.

Dr Danilo Giglitto is a postdoctoral researcher working in C3RI on the CultureLabs project. Since having joined Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), Danilo has been leading the CultureLabs platform’s functional requirements definition, content and resources collection, and usability testing. Before joining SHU, he was a Research Associate at Kingston University London working on the Hilali Network, a transnational collaboration exploring the convergence between current reforms in Egyptian higher education sector and a local community-led action of digital documentation of intangible cultural heritage.

Prior to that, he was a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen funded by the “Cultural Heritage and Digital Society” scholarship. From 2013 to 2015, he was affiliated with the CURIOS project (dot.rural Digital Economy Research Hub) focusing on encouraging grassroots participation in local heritage. Danilo’s doctoral research explored the use of wiki software for the creation of community-led intangible cultural heritage projects as a way to achieve an affordable and sustainable interactive digital presence for historical communities as well as an empowering tool for local communities.

His research interests include: human-computer interaction, ethnography, intangible cultural heritage, digital heritage, crowdsourcing, community engagement, community empowerment, and bottom-up approaches.


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