Paul Chamberlain exhibits at Venice Biennial Architecture exhibition ‘Time Space Existence’

Conversation Piece

Paul Chamberlain (Lab4Living) is exhibiting a new collection of work at Venice Biennial Architecture exhibition “Time Space Existence” which opens 22 May 2021 and runs until 21 November 2021.

The traditional structures of our every-day life and the spaces we inhabit are being challenged. Increased life expectancy, a global pandemic and technology pervading every aspect of our lives is blurring the boundaries of domesticity and work life, while spaces within the home become less delineated.

Through this collection of work Paul challenges traditional furniture typologies and morphs archetypal forms to create hybrid ambiguous artefacts that reflect the domestic quotidian. The work is part of a broader Lab4Living research enquiry funded through Research England’s Expanding Excellence in England Programme, that explores the role of Design in the reconceptualisation of the 100-year life.

Conversation Piece - Paul Chamberlain

Conversation Piece – Paul Chamberlain

Exhibition: “Time Space Existence”
Location: Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Marinaressa Gardens, Venice, Italy
Organisers: European Cultural Centre – Italy
Dates: May 22nd – November 21st 2021