Using VR to reduce pain and aid rehabilitation – the team that helped make it happen


The Impact VR Research Lab has developed a suite of immersive, interactive Virtual Reality (VR) rehabilitation systems for paediatric and adult patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, orthopaedic trauma, and chronic pain. The impact achieved by these innovations has been fourfold: physically and/or psychologically enhancing the health, lifestyles, and wellbeing of patients; promoting more effective practitioner standards and services; improving public awareness and understanding of such technology and entering a related debate on social policy; and establishing commercial and medical collaborations to further improve healthcare and cost-effectiveness in the NHS.

We Are Hallam spoke to Ivan Phelan about the people outside of his immediate research team who have helped him deliver such a successful project. He had this to say about some of the fantastic help he’s had from across Hallam:

Fiona Herrick and Fiona Jones, both Management Accountants in the central Finance directorate, have been amazing when it comes to helping with finance. They’ve helped even at the initial grant writing stage to ensure everything is correct with finance.

Georgia Hatzigiannidou, Funding Adviser in Research and Innovation Services, has provided help with supporting grants being submitted and ensuring everything is complete. Any contract issues I or the team have had, Georgia is the first person I call.

James (Jim) Walsh, IP and Commercialisation Manager from Research and Innovation Services, is all things commercialisation, and Intellectual Property (IP). Jim has helped us significantly throughout when speaking to companies who are interested in commercialisation.

Ian Braddick, who’s a Senior Administrator in Research and Innovation Services, is literally the most helpful person ever. If you have a query to achieve something internally, Ian will help signpost you.