UN Migration Agency Adopts New Mobile-based Staff Security System developed with CENTRIC

Image of SCAAN app in use - courtesy of the International Organization for Migration, https://www.iom.int/news/un-migration-agency-adopts-new-mobile-based-staff-security-system

This week the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the UN Migration Agency, adopted an innovative new staff security system across IOM missions worldwide. The new system was jointly developed by IOM’s Staff Security Unit and the Media and Communications Division in collaboration with CENTRIC (C3RI’s Centre of Excellence for Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime).

With the Security Communications and Analysis Network (SCAAN), IOM’s 11,000 global staff will be equipped with a mobile app that utilizes geolocation, context-specific advisories, instant headcounts and reporting features to enhance security communications and assistance.

“Innovation and co-creation coupled with close partnership between IOM and CENTRIC made the vision of SCAAN into operational reality for the safety and security of IOM staff,” said Babak Akhgar, Director of CENTRIC.

SCAAN has two components: a mobile application developed for IOM staff; and a dashboard for security staff monitored by IOM’s 24/7 Security Operations Centre as well as local and regional security personnel. Through this co-design partnership, SCAAN has been customized for the protection of IOM staff. SCAAN will have a life-saving impact on teams in the field worldwide. According to the Aid Worker Security Database, there were 158 major attacks against aid operations in 2016, in which 101 aid workers were killed, 98 wounded and 89 kidnapped.

“As the safe humanitarian space in which we operate continues to shrink, ensuring the security and well-being of staff working in hostile environments is essential,’’ said William Wairoa-Harrison, Head of IOM Staff Security Unit. “Adoption of SCAAN at the global level allows any staff member facing danger to instantly alert us, enabling a more rapid response.’’

For more information about SCAAN please visit the CENTRIC website . Alternatively you can email CENTRIC or the IOM.

Additional information is available on the IOM website .