United Nations Migration Agency and CENTRIC launch new global security app

Last week saw the launch of SCAAN (Security Communications and Analysis Network) a mobile phone app designed to enhance the safety and security of the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) staff while deployed in some of the world’s most challenging environments. SCAAN was launched by IOM’s Global Head of Staff Security Willie Wairoa-Harrison, Community Engagement Programme Manager Amy Rhoades and Professor Babak Akhgar, Director of CENTRIC.

IOM’s Director General, William Swing stated: The security of our 10,000+ staff worldwide is of paramount importance and remains a priority for me and the organization.

The team at C3RI’s Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC) have worked with the IOM to develop the security-focussed situational awareness dashboard and app. The dashboard allows IOM staff members to report problems to IOM’s 24/7 security team in Manila and get an instant reponse  during crises and emergencies. The SCAAN app and dashboard uses GPS, direct messaging, calls and reporting features to provide urgent assistance to IOM field staff working in inhospitable and dangerous parts of the world.


IOM’s Global Head of Security, Willie Wairoa-Harrison, outlined the benefits of the SCAAN dashboard and app: With security challenges increasing worldwide, the safety of staff working in hostile conditions is essential. Working with CENTRIC in developing this state of the art tool means that any staff member facing danger can instantly alert us with detailed information enabling a rapid response.


Tony Day, CENTRIC’s lead developer on SCAAN, said, “The SCAAN dashboard and app is advancing from development, testing and piloting and is currently being rolled out as a pre-release globally to relevant IOM field staff.

SCAAN launch 2017-06

“It is vitally important to IOM staff to have timely and accurate information on emerging situations locally and globally, as well as the ability to ensure that they are accounted for wherever they may be. With SCAAN, they will be able to instantly share details with IOM on their location, their safety and relevant updates from the ground.

The app is currently being rolled out to IOM staff globally.  The project aims to extend usage of SCAAN to other areas of the UN and their partners.

Watch a short video from IOM about the project here.