Transmission: Clare Price and TC McCormack – Tuesday 04 February 2020

2020 TRANSMISSION McCORMACK - Clare Price - Squares


Keywords are words or concepts of significance. Sometimes they are used as shortcuts to interpretation or expectation. Words (and concepts) have multiple and often contradictory meanings. They are not fixed, and there may be a struggle over their definitions. They change and flow or are blocked and fought over. They are employed, weaponised, or otherwise. This year Transmission asks its guest speakers to select eight keywords, words that provide a compass for their practice.

Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia, now in its eighteenth year, and is a collaboration between Fine Art, the Art & Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, and Site Gallery. Convened by Sharon Kivland in 2001, Transmission was developed collaboratively with Lesley Sanderson from 2001 to 2007 and with Jasper Joseph-Lester from 2004 to 2012. The series is now convened by Sharon Kivland and Julie Westerman, in association with Site Gallery. The lecture series has an annual theme, and involves all students in Fine Art, from undergraduates to PhDs.

Transmission is the passing of information via a channel, and this is the intention of the Transmission project. We enquire about the aesthetic and discursive forms required by practices in the field of contemporary art and theory that address sociality and subjectivity. It has encompassed a lecture programme, seminar discussions, an annual symposium, a print portfolio, four series of books: Transmission Annual, The Rules of Engagement, Transmission chapbooks, and five volumes of discussions/interviews, entitled Transmission: Speaking and Listening. These are published by Artwords Press, London.

Transmission 2020: Clare Price hosted by TC McCormack
Tuesday 04 Februay, 4.30PM – 6PM
Charles Street lecture theatre (12.0.06), Sheffield Hallam University


Clare Price makes paintings, often realised in one performative act, where traces and residues of moments are captured like photographic exposures. Stains and poured goo onto raw canvas refer both to the body and Abstract Expressionism. Using colours drawn from Turner and from eye make-up to rave, they are fragile, sensual explosions, deeply personal, addressing trauma, oppression, and healing, a reclaiming of the self. The photographic aspect explores the dynamics of fragility and power, control and release, and safe spaces, both physical and online. The photographs ‘spill’, un-containing the sensuality, sexuality, and affect of the paintings. Recent shows include Fragility Spills at ASC Gallery, London, 2018, Artist of the Day Flowers Gallery, London, 2018 and Nothing is True Everything is Permitted, DKUK Gallery 2017.

2020 TRANSMISSION McCORMACK - Clare Price - Squares

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