Tackling Online Hate in Football – TOHIF project website goes live

Tackling Online Hate in Football logo


Jack has been interviewed about the innovative combination of data analysis, critical analysis and grassroots activism behind the TOHIF project – find this on the SHU website here.


Providing an innovative combination of state-of-the-art quantitative data analysis, nuanced qualitative critical analysis and grassroots activism, the ‘Tackling Online Hate in Football’ (TOHIF) project aims to trace as well combat online hate in football. This week saw its online website go live at tohif.com.

Led by Dr Jack Black, alongside colleagues from the University of Brighton, Leeds Beckett University, Dublin City University and Ulster University, the project examines how major international tournaments have become sites of significance in the perpetuation of online forms of hate. The project will use the men’s and women’s European Championship tournaments from 2008-2022 as case studies, drawing from relevant Twitter data posted before, during and after the tournaments and analysing it for examples of how hate speech circulates and evolves. With this data, TOHIF will develop innovative strategies, workshops and policy recommendations to address the ever-evolving problem of online hate in football.

The project is funded the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Dr Jack Black is a Senior Lecturer in the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity and researcher in the Centre for Culture, Media and Society (CCMS) at Sheffield Hallam University.