The Felicitous Encounter: A two person exhibition featuring artists Dorit Margreiter & Fay Nicolson, curated by TC McCormack at the EUCA Annex – June 2nd-30th 2023

The Felicitous Encounter is Euca Annex’s inaugural show, Dorit Margreiter and Fay Nicholson bring together new, recent and unseen works, that explore the tensions between architecture and image, orientation and choreography, time and movement.

Asking what makes the ‘Commons visible between individuals’, the philosophers Hardt and Negri coined the term The Felicitous Encounter, to describe a moment when individuals come together, to exchange knowledge and form something new.

The Austrian artist Dorit Margreiter’s practice draws from the history of modern architecture, media culture and commodity aesthetics, while the visual work of London based artist Fay Nicholson channels the energy of performance and draws out synesthetic connections between sound, movement and image.

Curated by TC McCormack, this exhibition is in association with The London Festival of Architecture. And supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.