‘Playing the ends against the middle’ – TC McCormack’s work exhibited as part of AlgoMech festival until 12 November

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TC McCormack, Senior Lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, will be exhibiting this week as part of AlgoMech Festival in Sheffield, an exhibition of algorithmic and mechanical movement.

Playing the ends against the middle is a new site-specific work made in collaboration with Darren Chouings , and the exhibition is on display at The Access Space Labs in The Grace on Fitzalan Square until Sunday 12 November.

AlgoMech Festival Exhibition
The Access Space Labs
14-16 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield
Wednesday 08 November – Sunday 12 November
For times and further details please see here.

Playing the ends against the middle

A new site-specific work developing a platform for the artists’ collaborative practise, where multiple projectors travel on tracks, creating new opportunities for juxtaposition and dialogue between viewer, technology and the projected image. Their collaboration is a critical engagement with the traditions and idioms of the moving image, only in this case there is no fixed image, indeed the image is physically released into the exhibition space, acquiring an autonomous agency.

TC McCormack is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University and researcher at the Art & Design Research Centre. Follow @tcolmccormack and find out more about his work here.