UFOs: Dr David Clarke featured on Talk Radio and in the Mirror

Dr David Clarke, who teaches media law, regulation and ethics at the University and who has been a consultant for the National Archives UFO project, has had his comments featured on Talk Radio. These comments were used in a discussion about school children in 1977 who drew images of UFO’s they thought they saw. These images would then go on to […]

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Dr David Clarke: Secret UFO probes ‘hidden from UK Government’ as military ‘didn’t trust’ them

Contemporary legend expert, Dr David Clarke, has been quoted in a Daily Star article saying that the Ministry of Defence’s secret extra-terrestrial investigators “didn’t trust” civil servants with their information. Lecturer and investigative journalist, David Clarke, uncovered the Defence Intelligence Staff’s 400-page study into 10,000 UFO sightings in 2005. He has now said its military officials often kept their findings secret […]

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Podcast: Dr Clarke vs The Flying Saucers

Talking History with British Online Archives

Dr David Clarke, Principal Research Fellow in Journalism has been speaking with Jim Chisem for his podcast Talking History. The pair discussed David’s work as curator of The National Archives UFO Project, the history of the UFO phenomenon, and folklore in technological societies. Listen to the podcast here.     Image from Talking History at British Online Archives

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Dr David Clarke to give Keynote at the Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference 2018

Reader and Principal Lecturer in Journalism, Dr David Clarke , will give a keynote address to the Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference (SCSC) on 23 – 24 August in Aberdeen. His talk, entitled, “What’s all this stuff about flying saucers?”: Extraordinary personal experiences from The National Archives UFO Project will discuss his work that led to the online release of hundreds […]

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Dr David Clarke presents UFO files at The National Archives – Thursday 08 March 2018

Journalism Reader Dr David Clarke will present a public lecture on his five years as consultant/curator of the Ministry of Defence UFO files at The National Archives. ‘UFO files in Britain’s National Archives’ at 6.00pm on Thursday 8 March will include a summary of Dr Clarke’s research on the British government’s investigations into ‘unidentified flying objects’ from WW2 to the […]

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Dr David Clarke invited to speak about his work with the National Archives at the inaugural conference of the Science & Technology Archives Group – 17 November

Image of Dr David Clarke Photo copyright: Richard Hanson (0793 908 1208) Dr David Clarke (SHU journalism lecturer). 11.09.12 Original job number RH2944 Commissioned by Joe Field at SHU

Dr David Clarke, Principal Research Fellow in Journalism, has been invited to speak at the inaugural conference of The Science and Technology Archives Group (STAG) taking place at the Dana Research Centre and Library at the London Science Museum. David will be speaking about his work on the UFO archives release with The National Archives on Friday 17 November 2017 […]

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Dr David Clarke on BBC Inside Out feature celebrating 50th anniversary of the Great UFO Hoax

Dr David Clarke

Dr David Clarke, Principal Research Fellow in Journalism in the Communications and Computing Research Centre, is an expert in government UFO files. The Great UFO Hoax This week marked the 50th anniversary of a flying-saucer hoax that caused concern across Britain and captured the imagination of people around the world.  BBC Inside Out South revealed the real story behind the discovery of […]

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Book Launch – Tuesday 19 September: ‘UFO Drawings From the National Archives’ by Dr David Clarke

UFO Drawings From the National Archives book cover

Update – 14 November 2017: Dr Clarke was interviewed for the Daily Star and spoke about his work and the book today. Find out more here. Dr David Clarke, Principal Research Fellow in Journalism in the Communications and Computing Research Centre, was recently invited by art book publisher, Four Corners Books to produce a book of UFO drawings. An expert in […]

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How UFOs conquered the World: the history of a modern myth – Dr David Clarke

How UFOs conquered the World book cover

A history of the various manifestations and shifting meaning of the Twentieth Century’s single great contribution to mythology: the UFO. Neither a credulous work of conspiracy theory nor a sceptical debunking of belief in ‘flying saucers’, How UFOs Conquered the World explores the origins of UFOs in the build-up to the First World War and how reports of them have changed in tandem […]

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