Dr David Clarke: Secret UFO probes ‘hidden from UK Government’ as military ‘didn’t trust’ them

Contemporary legend expert, Dr David Clarke, has been quoted in a Daily Star article saying that the Ministry of Defence’s secret extra-terrestrial investigators “didn’t trust” civil servants with their information.

Lecturer and investigative journalist, David Clarke, uncovered the Defence Intelligence Staff’s 400-page study into 10,000 UFO sightings in 2005. He has now said its military officials often kept their findings secret from civil servants over fears the information would be leaked.

Dr Clarke added former Government UFO investigators who have gone public over the findings such as Nick Pope “didn’t investigate anything”. He told the UFO Podcast with Martin Willis: “There was a UFO desk where he was an incumbent for three years but he was just one of dozens of different people who did that task and he didn’t actually investigate anything.


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