Wednesday 20 January 2016 – Lunchtime seminar with Dr Sharon Kivland (Fine Art, SHU)

An image of a taxidermied fox on a plinth at an exhibition

Title: The Natural Forms Part II: The Readers, The Foxes, The Tracts, Some Coquetteries. Speaker: Dr Sharon Kivland (Reader in Fine Art SHU) Dr Sharon Kivland will talk about The Natural Forms Part II: The Readers, The Foxes, The Tracts, Some Coquetteries, her current exhibition at the Kunstverein Tiergarten. Berlin. There are women in négligées and in bed-jackets (liseuses), copied […]

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Transmission Annual #4: Labour, Work, Action

Cover of Transmission #4 - Labour, Work, Action

Transmission Annual #4: Labour, Work, Action is framed by Hannah Arendt’s reflections on three important themes of human agency. Arendt refused to be called a philosopher, for philosophy, she said, deals with the singular, while she addressed the plural, that humans not man inhabit the world. She proposes that freedom is constructed in community, in common space, and it is […]

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Freud on Holiday Volume IV – A Cavernous Defile, Part 1

Cover of Freud on Holiday IV - A Cavernous Defile Part I, courtesy of Sharon Kivland

‘Kivland invites us to go on Holiday, with Freud: up mountains, we walk; through streets, along the lake. We pick mushrooms. We go on adventures. Sometimes, we lose our way home. We digress. Interweaving meticulous historical research, Kivland’s own retracing of Freud’s steps, and her personal memories. This is a creative reimagining not just of Freud on Holiday, but of […]

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