Freud on Holiday Volume IV – A Cavernous Defile, Part 1

Cover of Freud on Holiday IV - A Cavernous Defile Part I, courtesy of Sharon Kivland
Title:Freud on Holiday, Volume IV (A Cavernous Defile, Part 1)
Series Title:Freud on Holiday
Publisher: Cube Art Editions
Eleni Saroglou
Authors:Dr Sharon Kivland
Publication date:2013
Print ISBN:978-618-80384-7-9
Format: 230mm x 145mm, soft cover with jacket
Number of pages:144

‘Kivland invites us to go on Holiday, with Freud: up mountains, we walk; through streets, along the lake. We pick mushrooms. We go on adventures. Sometimes, we lose our way home. We digress. Interweaving meticulous historical research, Kivland’s own retracing of Freud’s steps, and her personal memories. This is a creative reimagining not just of Freud on Holiday, but of the nature of biography itself. Poignant, evocative, passionate––this is a dream of a book.’
Steve Pile, The Open University, UK

‘The relaxed tone of the Freud on Holiday series smuggles in an unsuspected intensity that is difficult to get at without losing one’s cool, overdoing it or otherwise dropping the pretense of reception, recognition, assimilation. I’m talking about the desire these books prompt in me for an experience of departure, perhaps one of those ‘little precipitates of language’ that happened to Derrida when he was on the move.’
Sarah Wood, Oxford Literary Review

Since 2006 Sharon Kivland has been reconstructing the holidays of Sigmund Freud. Her holidays — Freud’s holidays — have led her to dream of Rome, to Trieste, to Athens, and to the forgetting of a foreign name in several locations when her holiday plans came to very little. There have been other ports of call en route and many digressions. Like Freud, often she suffers from Reisemalheurs. In A Cavernous Defile she walks or describes walks, frequently repeating herself, pausing, covering old ground; she sends and receives postcards; she goes to the mountains in the place of another after sending another in her place. Her detours increase and her step is distinctive. The book is about walking and writing, about daughters and fathers and women alive and dead. Read more about the book and series here.

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Dr Sharon Kivland is a Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.