Dr Ruth Deller explores why reality TV obsessed with the super-rich

‘It’s satisfying to learn the wealthy have problems’: why is reality TV obsessed with the super-rich? Reader in Media and Communication and the author of Reality Television: The TV Phenomenon That Changed the World, Dr Ruth Deller spoke to The Guardian about why reality TV often focuses on the super-rich. “Punching up rather than down is perhaps less problematic, especially […]

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Thursday 21 November – Lunchtime Seminar with Dr Ruth Deller (Reader in Media and Communication)

Images provided by Dr Ruth Deller

Title: Reality TV in the age of social media Speaker: Dr Ruth Deller (Reader in Media and Communication) Abstract Reality TV and social media are two of the biggest media phenomena of recent years. Both have been endlessly written about, commented on, celebrated and criticised in both academic and ‘popular’ discourse – not least for the potential they offer ‘ordinary’ […]

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Wednesday 11 March 2015 – Lunchtime seminar with Dr Camila Bassi (Human Geography, SHU)

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Title: What’s radical about reality TV? An unexpected tale of a Chinese antihero Speaker: Dr Camila Bassi (Human Geography, SHU) Dr Camila Bassi: Advancing a Marxist approach to the material realities of the contradictory relationship of sexuality to capitalist political economy, in this seminar I extend a focus on urban gay political economy to the regional and national political economy […]

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