Nursing Narratives ‘Exposed: Racism and the Pandemic’ showing at the Heart of the Campus, Wednesday 22 June 2022

Nursing Narratives

Nursing and Midwifery Minoritised, Allied Health Minoritised and the Nursing Narratives team are hosting an event where Exposed is showcased for the first time at Sheffield Hallam University. This event will also support the relaunch of both minoritised groups. Event is open to all SHU staff and students on Wednesday 22 June at the Heart of the Campus. The documentary […]

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Nursing Narratives: Hallam study uncovers ‘shocking and systemic’ levels of racism in the NHS 

Hallam study uncovers ‘shocking and systemic’ levels of racism in the NHS  The i paper is the latest national media outlet to cover a ground-breaking research project led by Professor Anandi Ramamurthy looking at the experiences of more than 150 black and brown healthcare staff. The project exposed ‘shocking and systematic’ levels of racism in the NHS. Professor Anandi Ramamurthy […]

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HeadUp neck support collar now available to the NHS and healthcare services worldwide

Image of Heath Reed (Lab4Living) talking at a L4L show

This week the BBC has been reporting on the HeadUp neck support collar which has recently been made available through the NHS and healthcare services around the world. This revolutionary product was designed as part of a collaborative project between C3RI’s Lab4Living, the University of Sheffield and NIHR Devices for Dignity (D4D) MedTech Co-operative (hosted by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals). The […]

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Update from Ivan Phelan’s VR for Pain Distraction Project

VR research for burns patients

Ivan Phelan and his team have just completed the ‘Confidence in Concept’ phase of their virtual reality (VR) for pain distraction project.  This research used the application of VR gaming to medical procedures for burns patients with a focus on in-patients’ need for diversion from pain when undergoing painful dressing changes. Following a consultative workshop with burns survivors and clinicians, […]

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Can Virtual Reality Reduce Pain for Burns Patients?

GAMES BRITANNIA 2017 Playstation VR crop

Burns patients often suffer excruciating pain during dressing changes, even with analgesia. Ivan Phelan and his team have just been awarded MRC ‘Confidence in Concept’ research funding to use Virtual Reality (VR) as a distraction from the pain and discomfort experienced during these clinical procedures. During the first phase Ivan plans to recruit student volunteers to take part in a […]

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