Professor Esther Johnson’s ‘a ROLE to PLAY’ to screen at VIVID Projects in Birmingham, 19th – 21st May

A powerful short film by Professor Esther Johnson titled a ROLE to PLAY will screen at VIVID projects in Birmingham for the PUT PEOPLE FIRST programme that shares stories of contemporary workers struggles. a ROLE to PLAY (2019) was co-commissioned by Animate Projects and Junction Arts as part of the WORK project. The film tells stories of the impact of economic changes in post-industrial Bolsover, a Derbyshire constituency where coal was once king, and features Bolsover Freedom Community […]

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Professor Esther Johnson presents ‘Echoes of Protest’ at MMU’s ‘Bunker Talks’

Echoes of Protest

Professor Esther Johnson was recently invited by Manchester Metropolitan University to discuss her collaborative research with Debbie Ballin ‘Echoes of Protest‘, a body of work that bears witness to the untold stories of children of the 1984-85 UK Miners’ Strike. The discussion is part of MMU’s BUNKER TALKS, a recording of which can be found here. Further information on work by Esther […]

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‘Three Chords and the Truth’, directed by Prof Virginia Heath and written by Prof Paul Atkinson, is screening at the Lighthouse Cinema, Wolverhampton on 16th October 2021

Cigar Box Guitars

‘Three Chords and the Truth’ a 20 mins cinema film, directed by Prof Virginia Heath and written by Prof Paul Atkinson (both of ADMRC), is screening at the Lighthouse Cinema, Wolverhampton, as part of BOXSTOCK 2021, the Cigar Box Guitar Festival, on 16th October 2021. ‘Three Chords and the Truth’ has screened at international festivals including Woodstock, Nashville and Albuquerque, […]

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‘Cigar Box Blues – The Makers of a Revolution’ By Virginia Heath & Paul Atkinson to screen on BBC4, 23rd October 2021

Cigar Box Blues – The Makers of a Revolution by two Professors, Virginia Heath and Paul Atkinson of the Art Design and Media Research Centre, will be screened for a fourth time on Saturday 23rd October 2021 on BBC4 and subsequently on BBC iplayer.   Directed by Virginia Heath, Professor of Film, and written by Paul Atkinson, Professor of Design and Design […]

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Professor Esther Johnson’s ‘Asunder’ screening at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema – Thursday 1st July 2021

There will be a special screening of Professor Esther Johnson’s WW1 feature film ASUNDER at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema this Thursday 1 July, 5:30pm. The screening will be followed by a #ReclaimTheFrame Q&A with Esther Johnson, Jill Oakland, (Chairwoman of the Beeston & District Local History Society), and hosted by Birds’ Eye View Film’ Director Mia Bays. The event will be rounded off with a live acoustic performance from folk […]

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Esther Johnson’s ‘DUST & METAL’: Archive documentary call-out for audio and video footage of Motorbike culture across Vietnam

‘Dust & Metal’ (Bụi và Kim loại) is a feature-length film in production in Vietnam directed by Esther Johnson (Professor of Film and Media Arts at Sheffield Hallam University and produced by Live Cinema UK, working with Hanoi-based Vietnam Film Institute and TPD: The Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents. The project is funded by the British […]

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Dr Kaisu Koski gives talk on vaccine-hesitancy at Finnish Science Forum

Tampere Science Forum

Dr Kaisu Koski, Associate Professor of Art and Design in Lab4Living, will give a talk about vaccine-hesitancy at the Tampere Science Forum in Finland this Saturday morning. The Science Forum (Finnish: Tieteen päivät) is a biennial science festival in Finland and takes place on 22nd and 23rd January 2021. The event opens the Tampere Smart City Week. One of Kaisu’s long-term […]

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Professor of Design and Design history part of BBC 4 documentary

Paul Atkinson, professor of design and design history spoke to BBC Radio Sheffield [listen again from 2:18] about his part in tonight’s BBC 4 documentary about a group of makers and players of cigar box guitars. The half-hour film, Cigar Box Blues – The Makers of a Revolution, directed by Virginia Heath, Professor of Film, and written by Paul Atkinson, Professor of Design and Design […]

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