Chloe Brown’s ‘A Soft Rebellion in Paradise’ film in exhibition in Millennium Gallery

A crowd of women stand with fists raised in protest
Chloe Brown’s 2019 film ‘A Soft Rebellion in Paradise’ is now being exhibited at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries. This is the first showing in an exhibition of the film, which was made with an all-female production team, cast and crew and had its world premiere at DocFest in 2019. The exhibition is open until 12th March 2023.

In 1851, the Sheffield Women’s Political Association was the first British organisation to call for the vote for women. Almost 170 years later, Chloë Brown’s A Soft Rebellion in Paradise (2019) reimagines contemporary political activism and reawakens this forgotten aspect of the city’s history.

This powerful film continues the artist’s body of work comprising subtly subversive acts challenging the historical gender and class-based power dynamics of spaces. 200 women gather in Paradise Square, in Sheffield, a site that has been often used for protests and today is the centre of the city’s law quarter. They come together to perform a series of Soft Rebellions, including clapping, being silent and chanting the words of a specially commissioned poem by Geraldine Monk, with sound design and score by musician DIE HEXEN.

Photograph of the exhibition banner, 5 metres tall from floor to ceiling

‘A Soft Rebellion in Paradise’ exhibition banner – Millennium Gallery, Chloe Brown.

Produced by Dana Bruce and Jennifer Monks, and exec produced by Caroline Cooper Charles. 

A Soft Rebellion in Paradise was commissioned by Sheffield Culture Consortium’s Making Ways initiative and funded by Arts Council England. The exhibition is supported by the ADMRC at Sheffield Hallam University.

Opening Times: Tue–Sat 10am–5pm; Sun 11am–4pm

Location: Millennium Gallery
Arundel Gate
Sheffield S1 2PP

Further info: at Sheffield Museums