Diane Rodgers to give talk at the Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic in Todmorden, 1st October 2022

Diane A. Rodgers, a member of the Centre for Contemporary Legend and also the CCMS Cultural Heritage Research Group has been invited to speak about her research at the Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic in Todmorden, on Sat 1st October.   The talk, titled ‘Generation Hexed‘, will examine television in the 1970s, bursting at the seams with weirdness, eeriness, supernatural folklore […]

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Diane Rodgers to speak at the Abbeydale Picture House Halloween screening event

Co-founder of The Centre for Contemporary Legend research group, Diane Rodgers, has been asked to speak at the Abbeydale Picture House for an upcoming Halloween screening event. The Abbeydale Picture House is screening all three of the most well-known ‘classic’ folk horror films from the 1970s, known as the ‘unholy trinity’ on Halloween next month. Further information on the event […]

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Diane A. Rodgers brings us Perspectives on Contemporary Legend: reflections on an international contemporary legend conference

For the week of Monday 28 June – Friday 2nd July 2021, I was in virtual attendance at Perspectives on Contemporary Legend, the 38th International conference of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, postponed due to coronavirus restrictions and necessarily shifted online. Over the course of my PhD, I have presented work at a vast array of conferences, including […]

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Pentagon UFO report likely to be “damp squib”, says David Clarke

Expert in contemporary legend, Dr David Clarke, has been quoted in an article published by the Guardian about the upcoming release of a Pentagon report on the activities of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. He said: “People who are expecting that this report will confirm all their preconceived ideas about aliens visiting us in flying saucers and buzzing US Navy […]

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A brief history of UFOs by Dr David Clarke

Dr David Clarke, co-founder of the Centre for Contemporary Legend, has written an article for BBC History Extra outlining a brief history and a list of the top ten notable sightings of UFOs in the UK from the bast century. He says that the birth of the modern UFO era can be traced to 1946-47 when media interest coalesced around the first […]

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The mystery of the monoliths

Diane Rodgers, senior lecturer in media, arts and communications from the Centre for Contemporary Legend, has been speaking to Sile Sibanda at BBC Radio Sheffield about the appearance of a mysterious monolith in Parkwood Springs which was spotted on New Years Day. Listen from 1:15:00.  

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Diane Rodgers Researcher Blog: Adventures in Folklore with the BBC!

About the Author Diane A. Rodgers is a Senior Lecturer in Media, Arts and Communications at Sheffield Hallam University and a C3RI PhD candidate conducting doctoral research relating to folklore and folk horror in ‘wyrd’ 1970s British Film and Television. On either side of the festive period, I was lucky to have a number of direct collaborations with the BBC in relation to […]

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David Clarke Researcher Blog: Reclaiming Robin Hood

Harrison's Survey - Robin Hood project

About the author Dr David Clarke is Principal Research Fellow in the Communication and Computing Research Centre (CCRC) at Sheffield Hallam University. David’s particular areas of interest are Media Law, Regulation & Ethics, Investigative Journalism, and Contemporary Legend and Folklore. Along with colleagues Diane Rodgers and Andrew Robinson, he established the Centre for Contemporary Legend. David regularly blogs about Folklore and […]

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Researcher Blog by PhD candidate Sophie Parkes-Nield: Folklore on Screen 2019

Centre for Contemporary Legend - The Team

About the author Sophie Parkes-Nield is a doctoral researcher in C3RI’s Centre for Contemporary Legend where she has recently embarked on a practice-based PhD.  Sophie brings together creative writing and folklore in her doctoral research which will focus on British calendar customs. Sophie will travel throughout Britain to witness traditional customs and to interview local people about why they take part […]

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