‘Zulu, 50 Years On’ – Dr Sheldon Hall celebrates the film Zulu with articles and interviews

A picture of Dr Sheldon Hall (CCRC, SHU)

Dr Sheldon Hall, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and researcher at the Communication & Computing Research Centre (CCRC) celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the biggest box office hits of all time, Zulu, with a number of articles appearing recently in national and international media:

– a 4,500-word article in this month’s UK and US editions of Cinema Retro magazine.

– a 1,500-word opinion piece documenting Zulu‘s impact on British folklore and the untold story of the film starring Michael Caine, 50 years on appeared in the Independent on Sunday (19 January 2014 – print edition). Online edition available here.

– an interview on BBC Programme (aired 22 January 2014)

– an article in the South African newspaper The Witness (20 January 2014)

– an article on US website The Digital Bits (22 January 2014)

– a short article in the Sheffield Star (22 January 2014).