Lab4Living celebrates ageing at Sheffcare event

Sheffcare event

Lab4Living supported a summer event that brought together over 100 older people across 10 Care homes in the city. Over the last 2 years members of the Lab4Living team have been working closely with Kathryn Rawlings, volunteer co-ordinator on a range of projects including work focusing on the co-design of products in partnership with older people living in the care home. This research has led to the development of the Care Cafe where residents can identify factors that promote quality of life and promote wellbeing and to materials which enable individuals to enjoy a virtual tram ride.

The event on 21st August 2019 brought together residents for an afternoon of music and dancing. Of the afternoon, Dr. Claire Craig said

“Lab4Living are hugely appreciative of the support given to us by staff and residents across Sheffcare – the research we undertake and the outputs that are generated through this are of a high quality because of the insights people have shared. Many thanks to Kathryn and everyone involved.”

Volunteer co-ordinator Kathryn Rawling thanked Claire, Helen and Sonja on behalf of Sheffcare for making the party happen, saying:

“Sheffcare feel very lucky to work with Claire Craig and the team.

It enables us to be involved in many projects which enhance the lives of our residents and which also make people’s volunteering experiences richer.

The summer event was a lovely way of celebrating the work we had done together with residents from all 10 care homes in a very enjoyable day.”