‘Vital Vagueness’ – Rose Butler presents art, material and research at The Free/Libre Technologies, Arts & Commons Unconference

2019-05 BUTLER Rose - UNRF Unconference

Rose Butler will be presenting art, material and research titled Vital Vagueness for the Unconference cluster Negotiating Digitalities in Art, on 30 May 2019.

Chaussee Strasse 2014 Digital composite panorama. Rose Butler

Chaussee Strasse (2014), digital composite panorama – Rose Butler

Unconference about Art, Design, Technology, Making, Cities and their Communities: Free/Libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons

Organised by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation, as part of the project Phygital.

The event will start on 30 May 2019 at 6PM with a keynote speech from Professor Richard Matthew Stallman and will finish on June 1st. We are very excited to have with us Prof. Stallman, Prof. Silvia Federici, Dr. Gregory Scholette, Prof. Luiz Guilherme Vergara, Dr. Johan Söderberg, Gabriele de Seta, Harriet Poppy Speed and Ruth Catlow, among other distinguished speakers.

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What kind of creativity comes after today’s digital cultures? After the smart city, post-surveillance, post-innovation, when social entrepreneurship discourse has ran its course?

In the last few years there has been a sharp momentum in the growth of groups and spaces that operate under collective and community-driven structures of collaboration and shared learning processes (onsite and online). This is happening in parallel to debates about the fate of the commons (physical, digital, and creative), and about openness and freedom of access. Our societies are at the same time, reeling from the effects of connectivity and social media just as we try to understand their potential and limitations for civic improvement, mobilisation and/or abuse, and their extensions into socially and community orientated art and design. In our times of digital communalities, bringing together issues related to art, design, technology, governance, and the commons, also means to reflect on contemporary discourses of openness and freedom, and to redefine the ways we produce and share knowledge, not least about new possibilities of production and sharing in themselves. Considering our digital realisms and increasingly disparate lived realities, we wish to explore examples and approaches to activism in relation to social movements around making and sharing, critical artistic practices, and their related technological shifts. Especially as pockets of our cities are being transformed into creative and entrepreneurial hubs, and new setups of collective knowledge production blend into processes of urbanisation, regeneration and issues related to the smart city and its mechanisms of surveillance.

Rose Butler is an artist, researcher and senior lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, she works with video, photography, sound, animation and installation. She is a Doctoral Researcher registered in C3RI and sponsored by the SHU Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Scheme. She is also a board member of Bloc Projects and a freelance artist mentor. Find out more about Rose’s work here.