Sunday 28 May – ‘A Broken Link’ at Golden Age Sydney features ‘The Fair’ by Rose Butler (Fine Art, SHU)

Cropped still from Rose Butler's 'The Fair', courtesy of Rose Butler ( - Featuring a fair ground ride in the background of a quiet Sheffield car park.

Rose Butler‘s The Fair has been selected for showing at the Golden Age Cinema in Sydney on Sunday 28 May as part of A Broken Link, a survey of contemporary practice in both Australian and UK artist film and video.

A Broken Link explores themes of temporal and geographical displacement, of how digital technologies bring people and ideas together but also reinforce the essence of distance and alienation.

The Fair, filmed from the quiet edges of a city centre car park in Sheffield, presents a fairground ride appearing and then disappearing behind old industrial buildings and the John Lewis department store. As the arm rotates we hear the people on the ride screaming. The film evokes questions of escape, control, voyeurism, immersion and complicity.

A Broken Link
Sunday 28 May 5.30PM
Golden Age Cinema & Bar
Surry Hills, Sydney

For tickets and more information click here. Follow the event on Facebook and Instagram (@abrokenlink).

Rose Butler is a senior lecturer in Fine Art in the Art & Design Research Centre (ADRC) where she is also pursuing a practice-based PhD. Rose works with video, photography, sound, animation and installation.

Rose recently wrote a Researcher Blog for the C3RI Impact Blog about her participation in Askance?Oblique Conference 2017: check it out here.