‘Living Research: The Urgency of the Arts’ – Rose Butler presents research at conference at the RCA

NAFAE Conference banner - featuring Rose Butler - courtesy of NAFAE website

What does arts and humanities research have to offer in our current socio-political climate? The NAFAE (National Association for Fine Art Education) Research Student Conference takes as its focus the way arts research methods and practices might be put to use in our contemporary moment.

We ask, what ‘work’ can a PhD do? By this we do not mean how might our research be instrumentalised or applied, but rather how might it lead our interactions with, and understanding of, the world.

Hosted by the Royal College of Art, the Living Research conference on Friday 15  March 2019 will run six strands of thinking around creative propositions engendered by a single word. The categories; Collaboration, Documents, Entanglement, Environment, Me, and Reenactment, are currently in use within the RCA’s School of Arts and Humanities, bringing together researchers across disciplines, developing creative methods to explore terms that demand urgent enquiry. It is hoped they will allow for a wide range of responses, in both content and form.

SHU’s Fine Art Research Scholar Rose Butler will be presented her research at the conference.

Living Research: The Urgency of the Arts NAFAE Research Student Conference
Royal College of Art, London SW11 4AN
Friday 15 March 2019
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NAFAE Conference Poster - featuring Rose Butler - courtesy of NAFAE website

Rose Butler is an artist, researcher and senior lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, she works with video, photography, sound, animation and installation. She is a Doctoral Researcher registered in C3RI and sponsored by the SHU Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Scheme. She is also a board member of Bloc Projects and a freelance artist mentor. Find out more about Rose’s work here.